Rhoda Kaellis Residence
New Westminster, British Columbia

Rhoda Kaellis Residence is a supportive and transitional housing development recently built on Royal Avenue in New Westminster. The residence has 24 apartments for those with a history of homelessness, mental health issues and substance abuse. Residents of the 11 transitional apartments receive housing with support services for up to two years while the other 13 are affordable units that provide permanent independent housing

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Drop off Locations:
  • Rhoda Kaellis Residence, 1105 Royal Ave , Wrapping instructions: Please include the name, ID# (Assigned ID), a description of the gift, the size of the gift, and name of the shelter. Dropoff Details: Please drop off at 1105 Royal Avenue, New Westminster with the following: -gift labeled with first name and last initial -what the item is on the back of the gift tag -separate any personal letters or notes. Shelter address: Rhoda Kaellis Residence - New Westminster, 1105 Royal Avenue, New Westminster. Phone: 604-544-5145
  • Cliff Block, 606 Clarkson St, New Westminster , Please drop off gifts at the Cliff block, Sunday to Thursday from 7am-3pm just ask for Adriana. Phone: 604-523-9126. Please make sure the gift is labeled with first name and last initial/assigned id - with a description of the gift on the back of the gift tag, separate from any personal letters or notes you wish to include.





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I'm from Ontario. The first time I slept out it was kind of scary, I was 15 when I left home.
I've done Auto Body repair work, Construction mostly labour work I really can't do much anymore because my health is pretty bad, I'm on disability.
I'm happy to wake up another day. Having a place to live is going well for me.
Pray that my health can get better.

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Shea is originally from Vancouver. He has done many kinds of work: maintenance (janitorial), shipping/ receiving, lumber, gas-stations, construction site, but has most liked shipping/receiving. He wants to try to work at a warehouse or Superstore. Diabetes has been the source of Shea's biggest difficulties in life. And he worries about his future. Shea is happy when he communicates with others.

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  • Gift cards for Safeway

Lori is originally from South Vancouver. She has worked as a nurse's aide, file clerk, cashier, medical receptionist. She would like to find part time work dish washing. Insomnia has contributed much to her current difficulties. Lori feels most happy when she is with family. If she had unlimited resources she would purchase a house. Lori would like prayers to help her overcome insomnia and schizophrenia.

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  • Wal-Mart gift certificates

Bryan is originally from Ontario, born in the 1986. The first time he slept outside was at the age of 21: he had no work and slept on a roof; it was very cold. He has been unable to find employment due to a disability. Bryan thinks that IT work would be awesome. He would be very happy to have a home. His 2 cats are amongst his favourite things in life right now.

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  • Wal-Mart gift cards

I am originally from Sapperton in New Westminster, born some 56 years ago. I've spent the last 6 years sleeping outside from a 48 ft empty trailer outside near the train tracks behind Sapperton station overland freight. I worked twenty years with flour, margarine, oil bakery goods. I've slept in empty Freightliner tractors. I've slept in a friend's back yard for two years where I would shovel snow, cut his grass for him and would use a weed eater on his lawn. I went to prison for two months , came back to see Frank, but he had passed away from cancer in his lungs. My hardest part of life is walking. I'm trying to get along with people, played twenty years of road hockey, ball hockey, floor hockey, pond hockey, 5 years of real good baseball in the Port Moody leagues. Things make me feel real good inside when I get lots of things to do: keep 3 front building sidewalks, back alley clean, keep build clean where I live, recycling program works very good, keep back garbage area clean, break down cardboard boxes, keep laundry room clean and kitchen area clean. I don't travel too far, I've been across Canada 8 times as a highway transport driver. I'm not happy till I get my left knee replacement after which I need my right knee replaced. Then down this long road of recovery. I've had 14 to 15 multiple surgeries and now have a broken bone in my left foot.

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Ali is originally Africa nearly 50 years ago. The first time he slept our side it was very scary and confusing; he was 40 years old at the time. He has worked in the transportation industry. Mental illness has contributed the most difficulties in Ali's life. His girlfriend & friends make him feel happy. If Ali had unlimited resources, he would help others that are going through the same problems that he has. He would like prayers for him to have peace of mind.

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I can't even remember the first time I slept out because I was only 9 years old. I left home and ran away, 4 days later I was brought home by police.
I've done farm work, factory work, Janitorial, Construction, management of Rehab, and Social work.
I feel that the way I grew up pretty much prepared me to be an addict and a convict.
I'm happy when I'm not attached to a drug, not waking up in jail or in a sleeping bag outside is good.
If I had unlimited resources I would build my life, to be able to help others.
Pray that I remain sober and heading in a positive direction.
I cannot contact my family at this moment in my life.

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I'm from here. I grew up in Richmond, BC. I felt like "how did I get to this point in my life" the first time I was homeless, I didn't know what I could do.
I was in Restorations mostly all my life. I like talking with people. I always have.
Today I'm in a wheelchair and I do the best that I can. I was married for 12 years when my wife died in her sleep. I found her in our room and my heart stopped beating. I was in shock, she was my soulmate. I was so depressed that I didn't want to face the heart ache. I turned to drugs, Drugs had a part in what then happened to me to cause my disability - what I'm saying is I was up for days and then I would pass out. I guess I was hunched over putting pressure on my leg. My leg swelled up to 10 times it's size, to the point of me having a blood clot in my leg, while I was sleeping. Then when I woke up I was in the hospital. I was in critical condition. My kidneys shut down. I lost all my nerves in my leg. I had no feeling from my hip down to my feet. Today I'm in a wheelchair, trying to live day to day.
Talking to my parents everyday makes me happy.
If I could have anything I would buy a laptop computer so I could see my parents everyday.
Could you pray for my leg, for my nerves to come back fully?

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I grew up poor and because of poverty I was forced to live on the street from the age of 6. It was horrible to live outside.
I've worked as a flooring technician, and warehousing. I am now looking for work which is not physically demanding. But I'm not sure what.
My injury and not being able to work has led to most of my difficulties in life.
I feel safe as long as I have housing. I am happy that it goes well and gets better with time.
If I had unlimited resources I would love to help my friends.
Pray for good health.

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I was first homeless about when I was 22 years old. It was because of violence and physical assault by my mother. It was pretty bad, sleeping out is an awful experience.
I've done work in cooking, cleaning, graphic design, painting, drywall. I liked cooking the most and would love to do cooking for a living and work from home.
The hardest part of my life was my mother.
I feel happy for my housing of course and happy that I am not currently on the streets. I feel comfortable and happy here.
If I had unlimited resources I would open an animal shelter.
Pray for my health.

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  • Safeway or Save-on-Foods gift card

  • clothing XL in dark colors like grey and black

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The first time I had to sleep outside it was cold and wet. I used to be a commericial fisherman and really liked it.
I have health issues that prevent me from working and so I don't have any money. The hardest part of life is dealing with poor health and no money. Becasue I have no money I haven't been able to get any clothes and being XXXL I really need some new clothes.
The only time I feel happy is when I'm feeling well. Pray that my health gets better.

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  • Gift card for Clothes

  • Walmart Gift Card

Brian was born at Lionsgate Hospital in North Vancouver in the early 1960s. The first time that he slept outside was in the back of a station wagon in 1998 in North Vancouver in the Squamish Nation Land. He has worked in the past doing Search & Rescue, and is currently working on a Missing Persons page. Finding permanent housing has been one of the most problematic things for Brian, also making other aspects of life difficult. He is happy that his BC Housing has been approved, and feels that it is one of the things going in his favor right now. With unlimited resources, Brian would go traveling. Brian is very happy about the Homeless Partners initiatives.

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  • Superstore gift card

  • Walmart gift card

I was born in Burnaby and went to Norway when I was 3 months old, then came back at 3 and a half years and lived in Vancouver for a while a block from the beach. At 4 and a half I came back to the west. I have worked in a bakery, as a house cleaner, & cleaning offices. I have also worked as a hairstylist in New Westminister, Vancouver, Coquitlam & Guildford. I have also worked as a cashier in Army & Navy. I landed in the psychiatric ward in St. Paul's when I was 16. I like the place where I live. I have two good friends, Tyler & Brian and they make me happy. I would like to have my own business. I would like people to pray for my diabetes and my bi-polar condition, that I stay well. I keep in touch with my family, they are busy. I see my mom regularly. I am a believer too and I do a lot of praying. I thought it was nice to ask what I want prayer for and I like to pray for others.

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  • blanket

  • Blue Jeans. Size 12. Denim. 32

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  • Wal-mart or Save-On gift card

Greg is originally from Vancouver. He was 52 when I first slept outside and did not like it at all. Greg got out of the hospital and was forced to sleep outside as he had no other place to live. He has worked in the transportation business (driving a truck) but cannot do that now due to health issues. Poor health has been the most significant contributor to Greg's difficulties in life. It's hardest form him going from day to day feeling low. Sunshine makes him feel happy. Greg would appreciate prayers for his health.Cl

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  • Clothing item: large black sweater

  • Save-On gift cards

Linda is originally from Vancouver. She ran away from home when she was 11 years, and it was really scary. Linda has worked in commercial fishing as well as cleaning streets. At this time she would like to find work that is less physically demanding. Body pain has been a significant contributor to difficulties in her life. She feels happy with animals and with her mother. Linda does not feel that anything is currently going well for her. If she had unlimited resources, she would get her son back. She would appreciate prayers for her sick mother. Linda would like to reconnect with her son, David, and two daughters, Marie & Sarah.

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  • Warm female footwear. Size 8.

  • Pots & pans.

  • Food most enjoyed: Chips

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Peter is originally from the North American continent. The first time he slept out was at a skytrain when he was 14 and did not obey his parents and left home. Peter later went to a group home. Peter worked trading though he did not like the job, but did it to meet his needs. He has struggled finding things he feels successful doing. The hardest part of his life is struggling with the status of where he is at currently in life. Peter is happiest when he is making others happy. He is grateful for the roof over his head and a warm bed to sleep in. If Peter had unlimited resources he would sleep for 7 days straight. He would like prayer for direction in his life. Peter would like to reconnect with his sister, April. war

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  • Warm male footwear. Size 9.5.

  • Backpack

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  • Save-On gift card

Sid is originally from Lytton and Lillooet BC. He first slept outside when he was 50; it was winter and very cold. Sid worked for BC Rail 30 years and is now retired. Addictions have contributed most to the difficulties in his life. It has been hardest being homeless for decades. Sid would be very happy to get a home. He is happy to contact family again. If Sid had unlimited resources he would retire. Please pray for Sid to have better health.

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  • Levi's jeans. Size 31. Denim

  • Warm winter coat with hoodie. Any colour EXCEPT white.

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  • Wal-Mart gift card

Bob is originally from Vancouver. He has worked as a propane truck driver. Food makes Bob feel happy. If he had unlimited resources, he would retire. Please pray for Bob's health.

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  • Warm male footware. Size 8.

  • Save-On-Foods gift card

  • Quilt

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Kathleen is originally from Montreal. The first time she slept outside she was 14, felt abandoned, lonely and afraid. Her family are Jehovah Witnesses and due to some circumstances there was child sexual abuse, which led to Kathleen leaving home. She has worked as a teacher's aide at Edmonds School in Burnaby, as a nurse's aide at Buchanan Lodge in New Westminster. She has also been a foster parent / counselor in a foster home in Vancouver for physically and/or sexually abused children, as well as with teenaged girls who were pregnant. Being a foster parent has contributed to her healing. The hardest part for Kathleen is being so alone. Her dog, who she has had for 13 years makes her very happy and means the world to her. If Kathleen had unlimited resources she would have a large place with enough space to take in abused dogs. Kathleen would appreciate prayers for her daughter and grand-daughter. Kathleen's words of gratitude: "I just would really like to say Thank-You for any help, gift I may receive for myself and Max (dog). It's very much appreciated."

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  • Warm female footware. Size 7.

  • Blanket.

  • Gift certificates from Safeway, Bosley's or Shoppers Drug Mart