Connecting People

Homeless Partners is a non-profit program run entirely by volunteer efforts, in partnership with the staff at shelters where the program is offered. The purpose of the Homeless Partners Wish List is to help people connect personally and directly with individual homeless people in their own city in a way that is safe and practical.

Poverty is relationship based. Relationships with people, spiritual relationships, and the environment. We believe that a powerful way to help the homeless is to know their stories and to connect with them person-to-person. This connection builds strength and courage to move forward in their life. This homeless partners platform acts as a tool to help facilitate this change in your community, and around the world.

Our History

The Homeless Partners Christmas Wish List was started by Dan and Jennie Keeran in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2005. They were inspired to create the program after sharing breakfast with a homeless person and hearing their story and challenges living on the street.

If other people could hear this story, they would be moved, just like us and want to help. If there was only a way that people in the community could hear this story and be able to help him, personally...

That was the seed of Homeless Partners - listing the stories and Christmas wish lists of the homeless on a website so that others could read the story and give a gift and caring message - a practical way to help the poor. After all, that's what everyone is looking for - to be loved and cared for, and this is a way that people could do it practically, safely and personally.

Since inception, the program has successfully connected thousands of homeless people from Vancouver, Calgary, St Louis, Victoria, Kelowna, Vernon, Regina, and Saskatoon.

For Dan and Jennie, the purpose of this project is to demonstrate the love that Jesus had for the poor. If you would like to find a community of belonging, contact the church of Christ nearest you, where you will be very welcome. Please go to or the . For a Bible study free of charge see or a , or for more extensive study contact .