Next Steps Transitional Shelter
Victoria, British Columbia

Provides an opportunity for 15 emergency shelter clients to access the resources and services they need to get their lives back on track.

Drop off Locations:
  • Next Steps, 2317 Dowler Place , Please drop off all gifts at the Rock Bay Landing shelter, 535 Ellice Street, Victoria (250-383-1951, [email protected]), open 24 hours a day. Just let them know that it is for Homeless Partners. We need all gifts by noon on December 22nd at the latest. Please ensure gifts are labeled with the Assigned ID (that is posted with that individual) Shelter address: Next Steps Transitional Shelter, 2317 Dowler Place. Phone:





Pledged Gifts

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Rafael is 73, originally from Mexico City he has been here since 1974. In 2014 he went back home to look after a relative, on his way back to Canada with two trailers full of all his belongings he was hit and by a drunk driver. Rafael was pinned between the two trailers and does not remember anything from the accident. After a year of rehabilitation and medical bills he finally got back to his destination here in Canada this past July. He feels alright, his leg is the only discomfort he has these days, and if he were to win the lottery he would fix his leg with his winnings. Once he had fixed his leg he would want to put his money to letting the public know about certain debt information, he feels the public needs to know about these issues and is very passionate about it. Besides having the accident that injured his leg badly, he feels happy when he has people, friends and family around.

Wish List
  • gift card from any electronic store

Chris has been in Victoria for 7 months. He is originally from Ethiopia. He said that the hardest thing about his situation is being away from his family who live in Toronto and also lacking stability. He also expressed an interest in living on his own and was hoping to find cost-effective housing. When asked what he wanted for Christmas, he said that rain gear from Mark’s Work Warehouse would be helpful as Chris works in construction and is outside a large portion of the day. Size would be large.

Wish List
  • Large Rain Gear

Frank is originally from Abbortsford and has lived in Victoria for 12 months. Several months ago, Frank had surgery to remove blood clots from his lower body and the doctors said it as a miracle that he survived. When speaking about his medical condition, Frank explained that there must be a purpose for why he is still here, he is waiting to find out what it is. Frank attended a residential school when he was 4 years old. He was raised by fosters parents in Northern Manitoba whom he cared for deeply. When they passed, he said that was a very difficult time for him. Also when his wife passed. If he won the lottery, Frank would buy a cabin in the woods and spend time hiking in nature. When asked what he wanted for Christmas, he said that a gift certificate to Walmart’s pharmacy would be helpful because he often does not have enough money to pay for the medicine needed for his condition.

Wish List
  • Walmart Gift Card

Taffy is a 59-year-old female who moved to Victoria from Ontario 5 months ago. She had been to Victoria over 30 years ago and has always wanted to return and live here. She has her certificate for upholstery and has done various other jobs in the past. She enjoys nature and the beauty of Victoria. When possible she also likes to garden. Taffy indicated that if money were no object she would own a comfortable home on the water in Victoria, buy a large dog and support others in need. Taffy is also fond of elephants and would support programs that keep them safe.

Wish List

Crystal is 35 years old, originally from Grand Forks, BC, she came to Victoria, BC, in September 2015 to live closer to her children. She feels very overwhelmed with all the new changes but what makes her the most happy is seeing her kids happy. If Crystal won the lottery she would buy a house and have all her family to be together. The hardest part of her life right now is dealing with situations that are out of her control. She would love people to pray for her strength in all these situations that she is unable to control.

Wish List
  • warm footwear size 7 ½

  • Warm winter coat Size M

    Pledge This Gift
  • Phone card

Debby is 55 years old originally from Prince George, BC. She decided that she was ready for a change and headed out on a road trip that had lead her here 10 years ago. What makes her happy is having a roof over her head, taking courses, learning new things, and just the small things in life. If she won the lottery she would buy a house and donate money to the land conservancy. The hardest part of her life right now is not having a place of her own and if people were to pray for her. She would like them to pray for stability in her life.

Wish List
  • warm footwear size 8 ½

  • Socks

  • Towels

  • Bus Pass

Rodney moved from Manitoba to Victoria with his family three years ago. He enjoys Victoria and has a kind soul. If given the chance to win the lottery, Rodney explained that he would give money to those who need it the most. When asked what he wanted for Christmas, Rodney answered that he didn’t want anything for himself but instead wanted gifts for his 4 children and their mother. Here are the names of his family members and what he wants to give to them for Christmas:

Wish List
  • Ashton 10 years old Gift Card to Mayfair

  • Quinton 12 years old Gift Card to Mayfair

  • Tyrell 13 years old Gift Card to Mayfair

  • Dorris Gift Card to Mayfair

  • Wacey 2 years Old Gift Card to Mayfair